Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Red Rover, Red Rover

I've moved over HERE. Come on over.

It's because as much as I'd like for this to be a weight loss blog where I actually found my hip's not happening and/or I'm not writing much about it.

So, to be more correct, I've retitled and moved.

Yes, I know it makes it a pain to change your blogroll/google reader/link stuff. Ima so sorry!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

She Made Me

Some of my earliest memories are of being shy and bashful. I remember holding onto fabric and hiding behind my mother's leg. Curling into a shoulder and burying my face. Hiding behind the couch WITH my mother when someone came to the door of our first house eating bananas dipped in Miracle Whip to keep me quiet. (Yes, I do realize how strange that combo sounds. I was raised by country folk.)

This is a question for all of the parents out there. Do you think it's possible that she made me shy? Because I don't FEEL very shy anymore. I can and do talk to almost anyone. In line at the grocery. Walking past someone in a shop.

My mother is shy. She rarely goes out of her way to speak to someone. She would rather be alone. Is introverted. Not that there's anything wrong with that. That's just her. But it's not really me. Although it used to be.

I think she reinforced my shy behaviors by coddling me, holding me, and sheltering me. At 42, sometimes I still find it easier to go to a funeral with her, because I won't have to make small talk in a situation in which I am very uncomfortable. She will talk to people that she knows and always has the right thing to say in a tough situation. I'd rather lie and not go to the funeral.

So I am shy sometimes...but I don't think that I would have been at all. Did she make me or do we change?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Keepin' It In The Family

It seems as though Penelope Cruz is making news lately for a sexy, lesbian kiss in her brother's video.

Red lips, dark kohly eyes and brown hair abound. I like that sort of thing as a rule. Penelope even has on birth control glasses. Niiice.

The girl she's kissing is her SISTER. Lesbianism AND incestuous kissing? Geez, Penny!

It makes me wonder how folks will react. It was outrageous when Angelina Jolie pecked her brother on the lips and said she was in love with him. I wonder if Penelope considered how this will be taken? Is it different because it's girl-on-girl?

It doesn't bother me. It just looks like acting to me by two sister actresses that look an awful lot alike.

Great. Now I want a pool.

Click here to watch

Click here for the Fox News Story

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Are YOU Kinkier Than Me?

I found this test over at Blissfully Wed: Our Epidermis Is Showing. Check him out if you like hot pics! He scored 578....I think he missed a question. He's MUCH kinkier than I am!

I'm thinking that my score of 601 makes me a kinkster-minus in the major league of kinksters.

I've never had nor wanted a three way (I have difficulty concentrating), I don't have sex with animals (they refuse to sign my consent form) and I don't toss salads nor do I want to have my salad tossed. I managed to get a 601 WITHOUT these kinky things.

Either I'm super kinky or the makers of the test want me to THINK I am. Yeah baby...I'm soooo kinky.

I am a lesbian, have been to a nudist beach AND went totally nude plus there have been some fruits that made their way into the bedroom along with the whipping cream can. I love being a sundae!

This one made me think:

79. You feel that consensual bestiality is:
a. Very Kinky
b. Ok, but not my thing
c. Depraved

Is that even possible? How do you know if the animal consents?

Find out how kinky YOU are!

I blame my kinkiness on the album above. Yes, I had it and I LOVED it!